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Time to Update Your Lists

I've been annoyed by LiveJournal and its oh-so-wonderful management in the past, but their latest stupidity has finally pushed me beyond merely being annoyed, into actually doing something about my annoyance. So, all my future journal entries will be posted to InsaneJournal, instead of LiveJournal. I may continue to monitor my LJ friends page, but there's no guarantee I'll notice anything you might have specifically wanted me to see.

So, if you want to see my future posts, look for them at Yinepuhotep, Battered Men, and Knights in Tarnished Armor.

I'll be copying my old posts over, over the next few days, so they'll be accessible there, as well as here, but all my new posts will be going there.
special hell

The World's Longest Suicide Note

Also known as Windows Vista Content Protection.

A relevant quote from the article:
In fact, Microsoft is imposing a higher standard of security for premium content than what's been required in the past for any known secure computing initiative proposed for protecting data classified at TOP SECRET or TS/SCI levels (the closest that anything came to what's required in Vista was the LOCK kernel with SIDEARM and BED coprocessors (PDF link), which didn't go as far as the Vista requirements and after 17 years of development effort was a commercial failure to boot). Just to make this point clear, the level of security that Vista is trying to achieve to protect video and audio is more extreme than anything the US government has ever considered necessary for protecting its most sensitive classified data.
special hell

So Much For ScriptFrenzy

I was only 6,000 words short of the goal, and then I washed dishes last night. Ended up in the emergency room, getting my finger taped back together. Unfortunately, this means there's no way I can type another 6,000 words by the end of the week. :(

I slipped while washing my favorite knife and got an inch-long gash in my finger. No stitches, thank goodness, but I have this hunk of bandage around the end of my finger that keeps me from hitting the right keys without hitting 3 or 4 keys on either side of it at the same time. Thank goodness I keep my knife sharp. If it hadn't been, that would have been an inch-long tear, rather than a clean cut, and I WOULD have needed stitches.

Oh, whee. I just noticed that even this much typing has me leaking blood. I've got to go change my bandage now. Feh.
special hell

Female Abusers

An English editorial describes the traits of female abusers and how they differ from male abusers. It's not in the way you've been taught to expect, either. Reading this editorial, I can confirm many of his points from my own life, and other points from things described by people I've met since I started the Battered Husbands Support group.